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Can I book a service prior to the initial no-obligation consultation?
No. This is when we can discuss any behavioural issues your pet may have, their quirks, habits and routines. You can also ask me questions and ensure you’re comfortable having me in your home. Likewise, I also need to feel comfortable in your home if I’m going to be staying there.


Why do I have to pay a deposit on services above three hours?
I have had several clients cancel a booking at late notice, resulting in me losing out on other bookings. In two cases I lost new clients that I had turned down a booking request from on the same day who went on to find another sitter. I don’t have any employees, so I can only be in one place at a time. I also have to ask friends to pop in to see my cat or take her to my parents’ 50 miles away if it’s a long sit, so there’s a lot of organising/admin to do (or undo if clients cancel!) You will have peace of mind knowing that you are booked in for those times/dates, and I know I will at least recoup some of the fee if you need to cancel. 


How do I cancel a booking?
Please call or text as soon as possible to let me know if you need to cancel. Any deposit paid will not be refunded. Repeat cancellations will result in the termination of our contract.


What happens if Bexhill Pet Sitting cancel a booking?
That will only happen in extreme circumstances, such as ill health or a family emergency. In the event of me cancelling a booking a full refund will be given.


Do you work on Bank Holidays?
Yes, if I’m not taking some time off. There is an extra charge for Bank Holiday bookings.


I need to go out early, can I book you before your official start time of 8.30am?

Yes, for a small charge I can be available earlier – just ask me nicely (and brew me a coffee!)


Do you offer a discount for regular bookings?
No. I have expenses to cover - petrol, insurance, training, treats, my meals when I’m on a sit and first aid/dog care kits. I also need to factor in the time it takes me to travel to and from a booking. I actually work for much less than minimum wage (so do feel free to tip me!)


Why do you charge more for bookings outside of Bexhill?
I add a little extra to allow for travel time and petrol costs. Just travelling to Hastings from Bexhill takes 30 minutes in rush hour.


Do you know how to administer first aid to dogs?
Yes, I hold a certificate for Canine First Aid Care. I am not medically trained, though, so if your pet has severe health issues please let me know before the initial consultation.


Are you insured and police checked?
Yes, I have full insurance and have been DBS checked.


Do you have references?
I have testimonials on my website, and lots of happy clients in Bexhill who would be happy to email a reference if requested. Most of my new clients come from existing client recommendations.


Are there any pets you don’t look after?
Yes. I have a phobia of snakes so they’re a no-no, and I don’t look after large breed dogs as I am tiny (!) and have a long-term shoulder injury, so can’t afford to be knocked over or pulled. I do not take on dogs who are aggressive to people or other animals. I recommend talking to an animal behaviouralist or trainer before contacting me if your dog has behavioural issues.


How do I book your services?
Give me a call on 07768 040478 or email me at letting me know your full name, address and some information about your pet. I’ll send you my price and services list, and if you wish to book me in then I’ll come and meet you for a no-obligation consultation to see how we all get along. 


My dog is nervous around new people, what can you do to ease their anxiety?
Don’t worry. After the initial consultation I’ll pop over before a sit or a walk so that your dog gets to know me. Your dog needs to feel safe and comfortable with me, and I need to feel safe around them. There is a small charge of £10 for each 30-minute ‘getting to know your dog’ visit. There might be just one visit, but depending on your dog’s breed and background, several short visits may be necessary before we’re all good to go. 

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